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APEL-Q – Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

Have you ever longed for a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree to boost your profile? If you are a person who couldn’t pursue the higher degrees, whatever be your reason, here’s a chance to chase that dream and make it come true. We, at EduOptions, help you get there!

EduOptions, top overseas education consultants with Pan-Indian Presence,  are allied to the top abroad universities, that awards Master’s and Doctoral degrees through APEL-Q. Through APEL-Q assessment and evaluation, these covetable academic qualifications are awarded to leaners based on what they have learned from their experience, achievements or even mistakes. The programmes are authentically approved and accredited by Higher Education Providers (HEPs) in Malaysia.

Blow your Trumpet

This is a great opportunity to talk about yourself and make others learn from your story.  The APEL_Q program requires you to have a minimum working experience in the relevant area you wish to get your higher degree. If you have 20 years of relevant work experience, you can attempt for your long cherished Master’s degree and if that is a 25-year long experience, you are eligible for that prestigious Doctoral degree.

Some of our study abroad consultants at EduOptions have attained their expertise as they had studied in top Universities abroad and have proper knowledge in what they suggest and advise.  You just need to pick up that phone and call us. We will have a discussion online or offline to decide the steps you need to take for that academic qualification which always tempted you. Higher the qualification, greater the chances of that dream life achieved!

It’s all about YOU!

It’s all about how you conceive your story! Your study life, your long career, your achievements, your awards, merits and even demerits count in your assessment and evaluation for the awarding of degrees. This written record of your experience stands for your thesis and the remarkable part is that other aspirants can access and benefit from this “life thesis’ you submit once it is approved.  In the long run, you create your life and help others carve out their life too!

Don’t you think this is a better and healthier option to grab those academic qualifications you deserve?  You need not go through the tough and strenuous usual process of going to a campus and learn the hard way. You can skip the daily commute to a university campus and those tiring research on a specific area.

EduOptions, as a perfect guide in overseas education consultancy, can help you register with the abroad Universities that grant Master’s and Doctoral degrees through efficient and new-era smart procedures.  APEL-Q is an online assessment program, which you can complete at a comfortable pace. In this, you script your own story with a winning edge to it. The evaluation processes are hassle-free and you get assistance from EduOptions throughout the process, if you need it anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Be the creator of your own life. Start blowing your trumpet and make it heard, loud and clear!

Choosing APEL-Q via EduOptions, the professional study abroad consultants, is a great opportunity for busy working adults who couldn’t find time for offline classes as it is a flexible option to bag these academic degrees. This is an accredited program for natives of Malaysia and non-Malaysians equally.

A Portfolio, challenge test, Field and Validation Visit are the required parameters for the overall assessment. We are allied to the top abroad universities who grant these accredited degrees. We are happy to discuss and help you reach that dream!



  • Broadens your vision
  • A diverse spectrum of universities / course options to choose from
  • Gives you a competitive edge and makes you more employable
  • A real experience on diverse cultures
  • Gives you international exposure. 

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