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This three year is aimed at giving training to health professionals in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation as envisaged ministerial dictates of the country. The goal of this course is attained through both theory and practical education imparted by experts to meet international standards of education. This allows the students to acquire the special skills to identify the preventive and rehabilitative requirements of the patients.

There will be simulated situations where the students are asked to deal with real-time needs of the patients, which form a practical testing for the students. Clinical analysis of specific situations, discussion and internship are also added to boost the practical knowledge of the students.

Teaching of human sciences and educational psychology are provided to develop listening skills and dialogue management with patients and family members through role play, training activities etc., which in turn enhances the much needed competence, interpersonal skills and relationship efficacy of the students. At the end of the course, there will be oral, written and practical tests to bring out the best in the students as physiotherapists.

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