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Lazarski University


Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administration provinces, covering an area of 312,696 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. Poland has a population of nearly 38.5 million people. Lazarski University is a Polish university located in Warsaw, and it was ranked the best university in Poland in the most recent edition of U-Multirank.

There are 3 main Department with under graduate programmes at Lazarski University:

  • Department of law and administration
  • Department of Economics and Management
  • Department of Medicine

Pilots with practical knowledge of Air Law have very promising future.

Study of field: Aviation Law and Professional Pilot Licence (3year Program)

Lazarski flight academy offers a brand-new simulator centre, and three study programmes in the field of aviation, conducted with the support of Institution of Aviation and Space Law of Lazarski University.

The unique course is designed for those with little or no flying experience or graduates of other programmes to become a fully qualified airline pilot with Bachelor’s degree in aviation law in just 3 years.

These programmes are Aviation Law and Professional Pilot Licence, Airline Management Speciality in the field of management (Programme conducted in English) and Air Traffic Administration Specialization in the field of Administration (Programme Implemented in Polish).

Aviation Law and Professional Pilot Licence is the first such unique study programme in Poland. This is a unique study programme in the field of Aviation Law combined with professional pilot training at ATPL Level. We teach both theory and practice necessary to obtain the ATPL pilot licence and focus on the legal aspects of civil aviation in the European union and globally, the knowledge of which will help our graduates to become professional pilots in the future as well as prepare them to work for airlines, civil aviation authorities and institutions.

Starting as early as in the first year of studies, we ensure our students the opportunity to attend and internship held at the professional pilot training centre. Gold wing flight academy. The centre holds a certificate issued by the president of the civil aviation authority that allows it to conduct flight trainings. A good knowledge of Aviation law acquired during the studies you will be prepared not only for the pilot professions but also for a job with civil aviation authorities and institutions. Moreover, with legal background can 2 different job positions within an airline.

Students will learn among other about:

The Airline Management programme was created to adapt to the demands and challengers of a changing industry. The study is designed for those, who are preparing to manage an airline, including managers new to the aviation industry.

  • Building and Managing airline relationships
  • Airline crisis management
  • Quality management in airlines
  • Safety and security management
  • Airline financial management
  • Human resources Management with elements of labour law in airlines.
  • Airline marketing and public relations
  • Airline sales Management.



What is ATPL (Frozen Training)

A Frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) is the name given to the qualification of a pilot who holds passes in all 14 ATPL Exams. The ATPL becomes unfrozen when the flight experience requirements as airline pilot are met.

Thus, after finishing the training graduate may passes an ATPL theoretical exams, as well as CPL+ME, IRME and MCC practical exams to get a job as an airline pilot and gain the aforementioned experience to unfreeze the ATPL Licence.


All the exams should be given in Aviation Civil Authority in maximum 6 sessions (Sessions are held every month from January to September except for August). All the Exams should be passed within these 6 Sessions. There could be maximum 4 attempts for each subject.

Additional certificates student should get to become a Pilot

  • Aviation English (CAA) 328 PLN. The certificate can be passed at three different levels. Level 4(valid for 4 years); Level 5 (valid for 6 years); and level 6 (lifetime).
  • Radio Operator Certificate (CAA) 100 PLN. This is done as a part of your training.
  • Valid 1st Class EASA Medical Certificate.


Guaranteed Job

Within the scope of collaboration with Baltic airline Xfly a student-pilot can the join the airline as a First Officer after meeting the airline requirements as well as successfully completing the course.

It provides graduates with a unique opportunity to start career as an airline pilot ascending to the rank of Captain at continuously growing airline

Airline Management

  • Innovative knowledge in the field of law, marketing, economics and Management, HR, Soft skills.
  • Developing Practical Skills in marketing operational and Strategic decisions.
  • Knowledge provided by experienced experts in the field of civil aviation and outstanding academics.
  • Workshop classes in small groups.

Lazarski University is officially recognized.



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