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Italy - UniCamillus, Rome three-year degree courses in English

UniCamillus is a well-structured Italian private university offering degrees in medical sciences where Nursing, Physiotherapy and Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging/Radiotherapy Techniques are taught in English. Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, the medical degrees issued by this university are equally authentic and prestigious as other Italian medical institutes. Named after Camillus de Lellis, who is the Patron Saint of the sick, nurses and hospitals, the education provided by this university strengthens and promotes the health condition of the ailing millions all over the world.

The modern, outstanding amenities with an excellent architectural setting, the institution has state-of the-art infrastructure to make the student competent enough to face the challenges in the healthcare sector.  The campus houses educators or tutors comprising of a healthy blend of professors and professionals with a long track record in healthcare missions, with considerable experience in working all round Europe, US and/or other developing countries. They prepare the students to enhance their knowledge and practical wisdom to cure the global health issues.


This three year is aimed at giving training to health professionals in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation as envisaged ministerial dictates of the country. The goal of this course is attained through both theory and practical education imparted by experts to meet international standards of education. This allows the students to acquire the special skills to identify the preventive and rehabilitative requirements of the patients.

There will be simulated situations where the students are asked to deal with real-time needs of the patients, which form a practical testing for the students. Clinical analysis of specific situations, discussion and internship are also added to boost the practical knowledge of the students.

Teaching of human sciences and educational psychology are provided to develop listening skills and dialogue management with patients and family members through role play, training activities etc., which in turn enhances the much needed competence, interpersonal skills and relationship efficacy of the students. At the end of the course, there will be oral, written and practical tests to bring out the best in the students as physiotherapists.


The curriculum for the nursing degree includes course-specific training activities focused on giving efficient knowledge and skills to suit the requirements of a nursing professional. The targeted area of study is developed by experts to create a broadened idea of the noble profession of nursing. This is achieved skilled theoretical and practical training, which is inclusive of clinical practice and laboratory activities.

Simultaneous training will be given to the nursing aspirants to improve their behavioural skills in a specific work environment. Interpersonal development is another focus area which is a high priority in this profession.

At the end of the course, they are prepared to meet the complex challenges of this highly competitive profession. Nursing graduates, who complete their education from overseas universities/institutes, have ample job opportunities in public and private sectors abroad and in their home country as well.

Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques

This is a prestigious three-year degree course offered by the UniCamillus University to train specialists in the field of diagnostic imaging and radiology.  Radiology, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy professionals are required in every medical facility to closely collaborate with the doctors in probing and diagnosing the root cause of any impalpable health disorder. They need special skills to understand and analyse interventional methods so that they can decide on the mode of intervention – from artificial and natural ionizing radiation sources like ultrasonic, thermal imaging, MRIsto interventions for dosimetry and physical protection.

The training in the campus will make the students competent to correctly understand diagnostic and therapeutic protocols, the correct functioning of the devices and also the analysis of control programs.

At the end of the training, the students will be all set to meet the high profile work environment of a radiology diagnostic expert and job opportunities are on the rise in this field.

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