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EduOptions International is a top-tier overseas education consultancy with international presence, headquartered in Cochin, Kerala. With pioneers in the study abroad services at the helm of this premier consultancy, the main focus of EduOptions is to provide superior quality study abroad opportunities to the ambitious students and career enthusiasts in the best country and best university/college, helping them to pursue the courses to best suit their passion.

We have expert study abroad consultants in our panel and have long-term association and tie-up with the best academic centres all over the world. We are truly delighted to see young lives soaring high in the academic realm and career abroad with our timely and unerring assistance. Thousands of young students have secured great study opportunities in all faculties in academic institutions of excellence across Germany, Italy,  US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, the diverse nursing top-up programs in Malta and a multitude of courses in the Cypress.

We are associated with great academic centres abroad that offer Micro-credentials, which are the ‘new essential’ micro courses to UpSkill yourself and also those prestigious Master’s and Doctoral degrees through APEL-Q.

Why Study Abroad?

As education landscapes are evolving stronger day by day, overseas education is gaining poignancy at a quick pace. Students and working adults are searching for the lush green pastures of study abroad to make them more lucrative and competitive. EduOptions, the top study abroad consultants with an international flavour, comes to the scene with ample experience and expertise to assist in your selection of the country and course that suits you best.

The global perspective of education abroad equips you to meet and smoothly merge with a completely different culture, religions, multiple languages and a totally new societal enrichment as you broaden your academic and social skills. Overseas education makes you face life in a bold and more confident way as it comes.

How can we help you?

If you have made up your mind to study abroad and make yourself better in every way possible, the first step you find an appropriate study abroad consultancy to assist you in your journey throughout. With ample experience and knowledge in the realm of overseas education, EduOptions have skilled overseas education consultants who have pursued their studies abroad and are power packed all the details in this segment. We can be your guide to find out the best study option, the ideal country for you and the array of scholarship programs that best suits you.

There are a few basic steps you need to attempt before you set foot on your desired country for your overseas education. You need a basic awareness of the programs you choose – as there are many internship to highly professional programs, voluntary and academic programs in achieving your graduation to Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Our study abroad consultants can clarify your doubts, help you analyse and focus on your goals and get you to the right direction.

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A Quick Peek​

Overseas education offers a cornucopia of options. Europe and America are the highest in the list of foreign lands that offer better education for international students. With the much sought after countries like US, UK and Germany with a multitude of universities, overseas education can be a dream come true. The availability of scholarship programs and the exclusive range of course options from Life Sciences and Art to Robotics and Environmental Studies make these countries throbbing with international students. Among the non-English speaking countries, Germany has a unique place as an international learning hub. Being overseas education consultants with a commendable experience, EduOptions is the right launchpad for you to pursue your studies abroad.


TOEFL/ IELTS or other lingual requirements are essential to pursue your overseas studies to a great extent. Most of the Universities and colleges need good lingual scores to set foot on their land for academic pursuits. EduOptions will assist you with that too.

We, as top-notch study abroad consultants, have guided many national and international students in achieving their overseas education goals over the years. It is equally important to know about various semester programs and evaluation ad assessment modes of the academic scenario. We help you find the best institutions, the suitable modes/modules of education, technical committees or universities with internationally accredited courses befitting your best future.

When you choose a country for your study abroad program, one of the important things to make sure is whether they allow an extended stay after your studies. Some countries agree with stay-back option to find a good job while some don’t support that. So, walking with us, you can land on the country with a stay-back option, if that’s your requirement.



  • Broadens your vision
  • A diverse spectrum of universities / course options to choose from
  • Gives you a competitive edge and makes you more employable
  • A real experience on diverse cultures
  • Gives you international exposure. 

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